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Hospitality & Leisure

Hospitality & Leisure

The UAE has been aptly poised as the most competitive economy for developing its Hospitality Sector in the MENA region.

The Hospitality Industry in the UAE is forecasted to incur a substantial incline in revenue along with steady growth in international tourists. The key driver of such growth in the market is the opening of new attractions such as theme parks. EMIC is currently evaluating key investment projects with international entertainment providers for the Middle Eastern market.

EMIC has a broad range of investments within the hospitality and leisure sector. We have placed our strategic assets in prime locations both locally and globally. Our asset portfolios comprise of exclusive luxury beachfront destinations and key city locations that exude character and are maintained to meticulous standards to ensure total customer satisfaction. We ensure that every entity at each destination enjoys a picturesque location along with being in close proximity to key commercial and leisure attractions. The team at EMIC drives investments across all verticals by securing a steady mix of assets that hold long-term commercial value in areas which have demonstrated optimistic growth and potential. We operate as a single cohesive team and take a comprehensive approach to every task.

UAEs amusement and entertainment market potential is forecasted to reach 45 million visitors by 2021. The region is preparing itself for a surge in tourism as a copious number of projects and developments are being executed. Such exponential growth is owing to the level of quality infrastructure and robust tourism and retail sectors in the nation. EMIC aims at utilizing and maximizing the benefits of this opportunity by endeavoring towards becoming the forerunner in the hospitality and leisure industry. Our diverse and collaborative team is driven towards identifying and investing in unique ventures contingent upon the upcoming trends in the market. Our attention to detail and ambition to succeed enables us to deliver every hospitality project to perfection.

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