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The story of CA’D’ORO began in 1969 in Biancade near Treviso, which has traditionally been Accenture of furniture production. The company has developed and established itself thanks to the insight and determination of the founder Giuseppe Dolfo, not to mention his ability to consciously represent and express the essential blend of tradition and modernity in the products that he has conceived over time.

CA’D’ORO shows great respect for its customers and the users of its products by placing the utmost importance on the content and the substance of the materials, especially natural wood. It is a key, intrinsic part of GeD arredamenti’s furniture not only because of its history and tradition, but also because of its renowned durability and re-usability over time. A number of types of wood are used in the joinery department, including ash and oak. The trees come from monitored reforestation areas. Once they have been seasoned, they are cut and processed in a largely integrated procedure.

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