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Vardeloni is a brand of leather goods. Our products are exclusive, dedicated to elegant women who want to have a high quality products. All Vardeloni products are sewn by hand with attention to detail.

For production only genuine leather from Italy is used. Before purchasing, each piece is carefully watched to offer only the highest quality leather to our customers. Metal fittings are ordered from Polish production.

We choose models of fittings that do not deteriorate under the influence of weather conditions and provide a beautiful appearance of the bag. Women wearing Vardeloni handbags are elegant and chic, who like to draw attention with their accessories. Vardeloni products give prestige, a sense of luxury and are very attractive, you can not go past a Vardeloni handbag without admiring it.

EMIC Groupis pleased to partner with a young owner and designer of Vardeloni and see constantly expanding the offer to satisfy the most demanding customers. With new models created, each is different to ensure a variety of products.

The Vardeloni offer includes women’s handbags as well as accessories such as beauticians, fur pompons and phone cases. In the near future, the offer will include a larger number of beautiful models and creation of men’s collection.

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