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Advertising & Events

Advertising & Events

AlphaOmega is the full-service advertising and events agency arm of EMIC which currently employs 60 people, across offices in Rome, Milan, and Abu Dhabi, offering services to more than 80 domestic and international customers.

AlphaOmega brings a fresh, unique approach to the advertising & event management industry. We execute every event to perfection, as we believe that a properly executed event has the potential to steer an organization towards the achievement of its goals. Every event that we manage is organized with precision and meticulous attention to detail.

Through AlphaOmega, EMIC offers a complete suite of fully integrated, turn-key digital advertising solutions. The team confidently believes that collaboration and mutual understanding is the key to delivering best advertising solutions. In addition to the service delivered to clients, it is the design experience that switches our customers into repeat customers. We cater to the needs of every event with clear strategic goals, defined milestones, and a comprehensive plan.

Our approach towards delivering on our clients’ expectations depends on open communication throughout the entire process. We are deeply passionate about design which is a key aspect that ensures that an event is talked about long after it has been delivered. For EMIC, the concept of web design goes above and beyond the imagery. Our approach towards design is through creative thinking, which allows our team to deliver each event using creative design. Rather than approach design in terms of imagery and graphic design alone, we ensure that every event design is in accordance with our clients’ strategy so as to have maximum impact.

Our team is the driving force towards our success in the field of advertising and events management. The team embodies a pioneering spirit that is fueled by vital corporate values such as integrity and productivity. The success of our team is determined during the hiring process where we ensure that we hire team players who have a deep-rooted passion towards advertising and events. It is this passion with each and every team member that enables us to deliver events that are unrivalled both locally and globally.

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