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Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing

For EMIC, food manufacturing translates into the provision of food using responsible techniques that enable the robust maintenance of livestock and vegetation, community involvement, employee safety, environmental protection, along with food safety and quality programs.

Food manufacturing is a connected and collaborative effort that requires employees to be guided and supported by experience management teams. EMIC takes an innovative approach towards food manufacturing that goes beyond the grocery aisle to include philanthropic initiatives and the development of technology that adds efficiency and quality to the food manufacturing process, along with disrupting marketplace conventions.

We aspire towards leveraging renewed opportunities and adapting to a shifting industrial landscape with an organizational culture that drives shareholder value and seizes growth. Good food manufacturing comes from unwavering dedication towards responsibly sourcing ingredients. We are committed towards embedding integrity into our manufacturing techniques and developing innovative programs to improve our supply chain. By adhering to best practices in Strategic Supply Chain Management and Total Quality Management, EMIC attracts a plethora of growth opportunities that create long-standing trust and confidence with stakeholders.

EMIC demands that every supplier operates in a sustainable manner where all raw materials are sourced responsibly and ethically. We implement an effective logistics strategy that ensures that every entity in the supply chain collaborates in a manner that allows us to anticipate lead times and access reliable data to forecast demand. The use of supply chain modeling technology improves our strategic decision-making and tactical production planning by enabling us to reduce cost, risk and drive our competitiveness. This technology is also empowering us to optimize and simulate supply chain and transportation network operations and maintain optimal inventory levels, consequently resulting in improvements in service, sustainability and risk mitigation.

Our food manufacturing processes undergo rigorous quality control mechanisms. We  implement total quality management that forms the very platform that we use to guarantee compliance with food safety protocols. Every entity on the supply chain is required to implement the same level of rigor throughout their manufacturing process to be able to maintain an ongoing partnership with EMIC. Quality is embedded into our food manufacturing as early as the initial product planning stages and the momentum is sustained until after-sales feedback. We apply the internationally recognized HACCP system to ensure that all food manufactured meets health and safety standards throughout the entire food production process.

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