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Raw Plastic

Raw Plastic

EMIC is a leading industrial plastics and polymer manufacturer and we maintain this standing by liaising with globally ranked conglomerates and supplying to some of the most demanding and quality focused market places.

Our clients are assured that we focus and emphasize on accurate, timely and value based solutions to all plastic products. Despite the intense competition, we have achieved continual growth by means of staying abreast with global technology.

We successfully cooperate with proficient fabricators to offer a variety of:

  • Polyolefin
  • Techno polymer
  • Elastomeric (modified, reinforced and filled)
  • Flame retardant
  • Lubricants
  • Extruders (including colored master batches and specific additives)

The use of cutting edge technology ensures that we receive the highest quality, flexible services, and value for money. This allows EMIC to move from concept to completion rapidly, without compromising on quality. Our finished products contain only premium quality raw materials and have superior lifespans due to durability. We deliver specialized installation services for thermoplastic elastomers compounds and implement hybrid decorating methods for special requirements.

Along with the product, our services include flexible lead times, custom design by application design for efficient manufacturing, and custom delivery schedules. We stand for inspired design, consistent levels of quality, dynamic services, and flexibility to implement changes. We are continually improving our product portfolio by researching and implementing new technologies and materials.

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