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The bestselling author and influential journalist, Malcolm Gladwell once wrote “Who we are cannot be separated from where we came from.” Faisal Al Maeena founded Emirates Investment Corporation in 1996, with a deep-rooted belief that greatness comes not from a position, but from helping build the future and being conscious of where you come from. At EMIC, Faisal’s vision of national growth and progress drives who he is and forms the very DNA of our organization.

EMIC has developed into a successful diversified organization under Faisal’s leadership, who has achieved tremendous success owing to the guidance and inspiration imparted by the Rulers of the Nation, his family and a robust belief in continual learning and curiosity. Faisal spearheads EMIC by means of dynamically connecting to global markets and experiencing the business from our clients’ eyes. He empowers the organization to take a holistic approach to building intelligent methods aimed at achieving client satisfaction, whether it is revenue expansion, operational efficiency, or social responsibility.

The team at EMIC is always encouraged to accelerate the pace of change and strategically harness global market opportunities. Owing to the ever-changing global economy, change is the only constant at EMIC and this mind-set allows us to efficiently and profitably ensure that stakeholder satisfaction levels are achieved. Our entire team collaborates to bring unified strength to our clients and we pride ourselves on our ability to think differently, giving our stakeholders a unique perspective on achieving real-world results.

Corporate Social Responsibility has rapidly gained traction at EMIC over the past few years. By means of actively engaging with the community, we have been able to enhance our purpose and entrench our reputation. Our philanthropic agenda is not measured by near-term financial motives, but rather, on the positive impact that giving back to the community can have on both, the organization and the nation. The business culture at EMIC revolves around focusing on tougher challenges that have a momentous impact, resulting in an elevation of EMICs social stewardship. Our social responsibility efforts have allowed us to demonstrate our story in an authentic way that benefits society.

At EMIC, we embed sustainable market research into our investments, enabling us to anticipate the changing context for business and thrive amid a myriad of challenges. We work towards sustainable growth by identifying new opportunities and adapting to change that will seize formidable competitive advantages. We are passionate and proud of the UAE business ecosystem and strive towards creating the next generation of great business opportunities.

Our Values

We have a strong set of values that define who we are. These values form the fundamental beliefs that guide our decisions, actions, work ethic, and stakeholder engagement. Our chairman emphasizes the use of these values as an important way in which we can build a shared organizational culture, founded on our strong commitment to our values. At EMIC, our core values shape us as a corporation and as individuals, whilst facilitating us towards consistently meeting our goals.

We are committed to offering high- quality of services using stringent standards based on mutually agreed-to requirements. EMIC has always encouraged an organizational culture that fosters the passionate involvement of its employees as a vital means of continually improving quality. For EMIC to stay sustainably successful, it is crucial that we ensure reliability and sustainability of quality.

Through the deployment of innovative solutions, we attain an unparalleled competitive advantage. We foster creative work environments where we are able to harness the capabilities of our team to deliver inventive processes and procedures.

We uphold our reputation in the business market by providing an ethical work environment for all our employees. We practice ethical decision making and all our operations are driven in close correlation with our ethics. The maintenance of integrity, credibility and transparency are paramount in all of EMICs strategizing and decision making.

Sustainability is a priority interest for EMIC and it is a guiding influence for all the work that we undertake. The impact that our business processes have on the environment are a key consideration in decision making. We assist our clients indoing the same by offering effective solutions in all our dealing and projects.

Value Creation
We ensure the implementation of value creation strategies that target our business strategy, investor strategy, and financial strategy. We actively pursue diversity in our workforce composition, the markets that we serve and the services that we provide. We recognize that the value creation comes from solving challenges using new perspectives.

45th National Day Celebration

Goodness is the only investment that never fails.
— Henry David Thoreau
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