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Property Development

Property Development

Our property development repertoire encompasses an array of activities that are inclusive of identifying prospective land and buildings, and refurbishing these components to provide our clients with relevant property solutions..

Our capabilities extend from initial acquisition thorough to completion. Our commitment to empower and lead communities to realize their own potential is a key aspect upon which our success rests on. With our bold and uncompromising approach, we set benchmarks, deliver on our promises and make EMIC a front runner in the property development industry.

The team at EMIC draws on best practice property development principles, critical thinking and true innovation to create top quality and inspirational residential and commercial precinct. Through our collaborative, creative and talented team, we command exceptional levels of creative intelligence. Along with strategic support, our team of investment consultants provide advisory services in relation to property options and guidance for development negotiations. Upon conducting a thorough analysis of existing market conditions and assessment of pre-existing property locations, our team derives workable solutions for managing estates.

Having acquired extensive knowledge about the regional rules and regulations, EMIC is able to comply with judicial requirements whilst forecasting the profitability gained for specific property development projects. Being a leading investment corporation, EMIC also provides the ultimate support in the costbenefit analysis and risk management. We are committed to transparency, punctuality, honesty and integrity in every project that we undertake.

With our expertise comprising of multifaceted aspects of the real estate continuum – from sophisticated luxury developments to initiating reasonable housing proposals – we have established our identity as a key player in the property development industry by adhering to international real estate standards. We stand by the belief that, delivering an exceptional customer experience at every stage is more important that delivering an exceptional property. We spend a considerable amount of time towards understanding our clients’ needs, and we ensure that our clients are thoroughly updated along each stage of the process.

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