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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

EMIC has made significant contributions in terms of venture capital in the Oil & Gas industry.

We have earned the status of an innovative establishment that has continually created value for our clients. We have an extensive client portfolio ranging from government as well as private companies, in terms of exploration; exclusive supply, and formation of distribution agreements with world’s leaders within the Engineering and Construction arena. We also collaborate with our partners from the Petrochemical, Chemical, Energy and Shipbuilding industries.

EMIC operates under clear value-based principles of excellence, personal accountability, integrity, and social and environmental responsibility. We garner an interdependent relationship with our clients and proactively design genuine and practical solutions that have mutual benefits. EMIC offers customer-tailored services solutions across each segment of the industry and it is our market intelligence network that provides industry analysis and economic forecasts with regular updates.

We leverage our technical expertise and strong relationships to benefit our longstanding partners, and assist them in attaining higher levels of success. Environmental protection forms the foundation of all our industrial projects. Throughout the life-cycle of our projects, we assess the environmental, social, and economic impact of our activities.

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