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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

A recent report released by KPMG found that of the 14 global cuisines that made up the UAEs Dh52.4 billion F&B market, the most popular were Indian, closely followed by Italian, Lebanese and Chinese.

EMIC’s portfolio of food concepts is inclusive of Panificio, La Perla, Le Bronze and Portofino. In addition to this, we have invested in Aqua Cristallo which is our primary Beverage concept.

Panificino is bakery – bistro that boasts carefully selected ingredients, whether its extra virgin olive oil from Italy or free-range chicken. Our Italian pastries and rustic breads are made in-house using the best local and imported ingredients that are non-processed. All baked products are tailored to the most health-conscious, diverse clientele. The well-thought selection of ingredients and innovative techniques stimulate a strong emotional and sensory response from customers.

La Perla offers a wholesome ocean to plate experience that rivals the best seafood restaurants in the region. The ingredients sourcing team at La Perla hand-picks a selection of sustainable fish, oysters, shellfish and various other seafood options. Our stunning location coupled with the freshest and locally sourced seafood creates an ideal environment for La Perla to attain a must experience status.

Le Bronze is a steak heaven. We borrow techniques from age-old barbeque traditions to create a unique concept using the best meat and freshest vegetables. Our meats are slow cooked and our ribs are smoked over wood. A liquid form of spices and marinades is injected into the meat prior to cooking to typically keep the meat tender.

Portofino is an Italian-themed, market style pizzeria and fine food store. Most of our pizza recipes have been handed down though our chef’s family for generations. To really give our pizza’s the real taste of Italy, every pizza and calzone prepared at Portofino is cooked in a specialty oven imported from Italy.

Aqua Cristallo is our initiative into the lucrative beverage market in the UAE. Aqua Cristallo is bottled water that is sourced from Pure Organic Mountain Water. Along with being naturally ionized and rich in minerals, Aqua Cristallo is naturally sodium free.

Vanilla Pepper is a gelato house that churns out artisan style gelato. We consistently produce only the finest and freshest authentic Italian Gelato using the most natural and raw ingredients. From the roasting and grinding of pistachios to the baking of our own brownies, we make sure that absolutely everything is made in-house.

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