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Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate is amongst the most popular investment categories in the region.

There have been noticeable progressive movements in the real estate industry and EMIC has capitalized and invested in successful portfolio companies, contributing to the development of the sector. With several highly-anticipated tourist attractions coming to completion soon such as Dubai Parks and Resorts and various others in the pipeline in Abu Dhabi, principally on Yas and Saadiyat Islands, demand in the real estate market has been on a steady incline. There has been an evident increase in the number of real estate investors, developers and builders that are seeking to diversify their existing portfolios.

Our investment and asset management strategies are a direct result of a thorough understanding of the structural trends that we believe will shape the future of real estate and responsible investing beyond market cycles. EMIC is constantly looking to add value to our vendor and buyer networks through leveraging our experience and knowledge. At the core of our investment process, is ensuring that all real estate investments endure benefits to both clients and society. We have a diversified pool of real estate assets, inclusive of residential, commercial, industrial, retail and leisure in some of the most coveted locations, both regionally and globally.

We strive towards the development of strategic real estate management in order to facilitate smoother property acquisition process. By bringing together a highly experienced group of people in the real estate space, we have created a model that is responsive to the real estate market of today. Our modern bespoke model empowers us to embrace opportunities and make qualitative decisions that result in sustainable value creation.

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