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Annakiki Born into a tailor family, Anna learned to pick fabrics and to make her favorite skirts at the age of 8, cultivated by the textile cul- ture and artistic environment, she naturally went on the path of fashion design. In 2008, Anna started her career as a fashion desi- gner, 5 years of hard working and learning has shaped Anna with an obsession and in- dependent view on art and fashion, she truly believes that fashion is not just following but a self-conscious choice. A fundamental mo- ment came to her career in 2013 when she opened her first fashion house – ANNAKIKI and it attracted enormous attention from local celebrities and fashion professionals immediately. Her crossover collections with Disney “Believe in Love” and “Lips” with amazon.com launched in 2014 have furthered her career even more with media features and followers. Meantime, her creativities have crossed the boarder of her origin, Anna was invited to participate in the 2014-15 London and Paris Fashion Week Showrooms and has been listed as official recommended desi – gners as well. For Anna, ANNAKIKI is a multi-style independent woman with her core DNA as “Original, Modern, Fun and Innovative”.

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