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Bake Beach Bistro

A place where turtles nest, dune grasses sway gently in the breeze and the bluest of azure waters sparkle with the sun. Thanks to its unbroken, nine-kilometre arc of pristine white sand, Saadiyat Beach is the much-sought-after international tourist destination, and will encompass world-class attractions woven seamlessly into the natural environment.

Saadiyat public beach managed by BAKE will encourage a laidback, leisure-oriented lifestyle amongst Saadiyat island residents and visitors alike. The public beach offers a host of sport and recreational activities with an unparalleled beach setting.

With friendly and dedicated staff, one should expect to receive the utmost attention to detail and service to accompany this memorable beach setting.

Weekly beach yoga classes ensure your body and mind stay in shape preparing you for the weekends on the beach with friends and loved ones.

The beach beach bistro has food & beverage facility with over forty covers and can accommodate more than one hundred guests for corporate and private events.

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