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Beliza Swimwear

Beliza Swimwear

EMIC is delighted to have BELIZA Swimwear join us in brand’s journey in United Arab Emirates. Founder, Lisa Chotard started her passion for scuba diving and fashion at the age of 15 as she then began to travel the world in search of nature, adventure and sharing. She believes that there is no better school than life.

During her travels, the sensitive and spiritual designer has the chance to experience new ways of living, discover new places, meet many inspiring new people and connect with nature. She is passionate about the sea and fashion, so it is of little surprise that one day on a beach in Sinai she decides to design her own line of swimwear.

The BELIZA brand was born in 2006. The brand name is a mix of the designer’s name and Belize, a country that deeply inspires her. For Lisa it is out of question to wear a common swimsuit. She defines the DNA of her brand by saying: “a swimsuit should be chic, sexy and comfortable”. She chooses the most beautiful Italian and French fabrics and spends a lot of time in the manufacturing plants to ensure impeccable finishes.

The brand’s guide words are: chic, creative and high-quality.

BELIZA is distributed in many beautiful stores worldwide including Beach clubs and 5 star hotels.

But Lisa’s dream does not stop here: passionate about traveling, photography, nature and architecture, she dreams about her own Beach Club “Beliza Beach” and wants to develop her brand in more countries all over the world.

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