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Camila Mesar

Camila Mesar has been inspired by the cultural and artisan diversity that her country has and to see that these types of trades have been abandoned.

She works hand in hand with Colombian artisans in the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with modern design without neglecting their classic, sophisticated and feminine style.

The philosophy of the Camila Mesar brand is based on the recovery of the fashion tradition, its craft techniques and its original concept where architecture, philosophy, harmony and painting merge with the reinterpretation of the classic to create sublime pieces and exquisite It is an ethical brand that works with Colombian artisans who learned their trade through the cultural and family tradition, where the identity of Colombian fashion from the reinterpretation of our culture and national craft techniques, is present in all processes that take out in the creation of each of the pieces. The sophistication and femininity merge into pieces with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship that convey feelings and emotions. EMIC Group is proud to  partner with brand  which is a  fusion of creativity, architecture and art that gives rise to a work that is not presented in museums, but completed when a client uses it.

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