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Le Songe

“ You have to dream before your dreams can come true” – Abdul Kalam

Le Songe – from French – the Dream was established exactly for that purpose. Dreaming. Brand created by former model, designer and owner is involved in every aspect of the process. From design, using the finest European fabrics, trends are considered, but the most important is the comfort. Attention to details, such as beautiful inviting packaging and personal touches, as delivery notes and sweet treats for customers became a staple of Le Songe. In the rapidly evolving world of fashion, home-wear and lounge-wear began to be incorporated as street-wear as well in the closets of modern fashionista. Personalized designs are also a perfect gift among family members and friends. Emirates Investment Corporation recognize the trend and the upcoming talent. We are happy to welcome young designer in United Arab Emirates. We are certain quality, comfort, classic designs paired with seasonal variations will prove popular in our shores. So relax and Dream in Le Songe.

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