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No Pise la Grama

Fashion house based in Miami, whose main attributes are  dedication and innovation, both premises have positioned it as a favorite among the fashion connoisseurs. The brand started in 2007 under the management of its founder, Daniela Panaro, who studied fashion design in her native Caracas, and in the  Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Elegance, femininity and fun are some of the words that best describe Daniela´s proposal through her brand.

NPLG is devoted to create garments rich in design, creativity and femininity. Since its introduction, NPLG became known for its clean cuts, and its original and exclusive designs that correspond to a lifestyle suggested through this clothing line.

The most relevant fabric suppliers of this fashion house, are based in Italy, Peru and Korea. All of the pieces of this brand are made with love, and executed with great dedication and detail.

The 75% of No Pise La Grama’s production comes from it’s country of origin, Venezuela. A 15% is made in Italy. And the last 10% in Asia.

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