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Portofino offers exactly that: we aim to not only serve a delicious tasting food, but create an entire experience of an authentic meal in a great atmosphere and impeccable service. Using only the highest quality ingredients, following traditional Italian recipes combined with newest technologies in kitchen equipment, we are able to share our passion for great tasting food with our guests.

“A small village, Portofino, stretches crescent-shaped along the edge of this calm bay.” – Guy de Maupassant

Portofino is a spectacular sea resort. There is an atmosphere of luxury, Mediterranean charisma felt all over as it is also a home to an ancient marine culture. It is another magnetic place beloved by artists, writers and all around interesting personalities that have long sung its praises.

Pizzeria Portofino’s story began in this relaxed ambience, surrounded by clear blue waters of an Italian Riviera.

Relaxed atmosphere, inviting ambience, unique décor paired with authentic taste of Italy.


As the name suggests, Portofino is a place where you will feel the real taste of Italian cuisine, paired with simple, inviting décor formed into a truly unique ambience. We aim to become a place to go not only to eat, but to experience a real taste of Italy when you dine with us, and also to shop for authentic Italian gourmet delicacies.


Combining their know how, various experiences and business acumen, Founders of Portofino understand dining preferences of people from different backgrounds. Italy and United Arab Emirates merge in this venture by creating a space where families as well as business people will find their perfect breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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