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Undress Code

Undress Code was created for a woman – powerful, industrious and feminine. She knows she can be powerful and seductive when she feels like it, but it doesn’t mean she needs to be wearing high-heels every day. It means to make conscious choices.

For her we created the collection of EMPOWERING PIECES. In terms of design it’s the combination of fashion and art, covered in modern cuts. They are sewn in a seamless way to make it as comfortable as possible and made of fashionable Italian and French fabrics. Our pieces are perfect both as lingerie and an element of clothing to wear on daily basis, as we know you need something practical, because you’re busy rocking the world.

What we’re trying to achieve though, is to empower women to think about their convenience and believe in themselves, being pretty enough, smart enough, educated enough, valuable enough and show ourselves that we simply can. On top of that, we want our products to be a symbol of the modern and entirely fulfilled female, whom we will gladly support as a brand, being present during women initiatives and supporting women foundations. EMIC Group is thrilled to partner with young owner of the brand, Izabela and as company taking great pride in empowering women, we are excited to be able to share new collections with our clients.

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