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Watch: 8-year time-lapse of Louvre Abu Dhabi

Dubai: The Louvre in Abu Dhabi opened its doors to the public on Saturday, mesmerising visitors with a wide array of paintings, sculptures, jewellery and historic manuscripts.

With more than 620 pieces that make up its permanent collection, and 300 loaned items from French and regional museums, the collection at the iconic museum has made Abu Dhabi the capital of art, and architecture in the region.

A recent video uploaded on November 10, 2017 by EarthCam’s new 4K Time-Lapse for Louvre Abu Dhabi, shows how the stunning landmark was constructed over a period of eight years in more than 70,000 hours of archived footage.

A section from the Quran, last volume, Juz 30, of Mamluk Dynasty, Syria, 1250- 1300 at the gallery in Louvre Abu Dhabi. Photo: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News

The video condensed the footage into a 4K cinematic time-lapse movie, and documents the construction in less than three minutes.

Throughout the eight year period, over one million high resolution images, including billion pixel panoramas, were captured by EarthCam’s professional grade camera systems designed to withstand the environmental challenges unique to the Middle East.

EarthCam’s regional support team installed 10 mega-pixel camera time-lapse cameras strategically throughout the project site, archiving progress from over 50 different perspectives.

Archaic Sphinx from Greece-Louvre Abu Dhabi , a new cultural landmark for the 21st century opens to the public at the Sadiyat Island. Photo: Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News

“The Louvre Abu Dhabi is an epic architectural achievement and we are honoured to have been the Time-Lapse technology provider for this iconic project,” said Brian Cury, chief executive officer and founder of EarthCam. “

“I’m proud of the work our dedicated team has produced over the past eight years documenting this incredible Jean Nouvel masterpiece,” he added.

Source” gulfnews.com

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