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Expo 2020 Dubai: Final preparations with just 30 days to go

Organisers and workers are in the final stretch of testing stunning structures for the World Fair that will begin in Dubai in a month.

After a year-long postponement, officials spoke of a buzz of anticipation about Expo 2020 Dubai’s promise to inject confidence, optimism and cheer in a world still reeling from the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

On Tuesday, the gates to the Expo site were filmed being opened to allow photo and camera crews inside.

Yousuf Caires, a senior vice president of Expo Live, described an upbeat mood.

“It’s a time of excitement for everybody, our site is visible and it’s alive,” he told The National.

“It’s almost 30 days for expo so the excitement level is high, the pitch is high, the expectation is high.

Dozens of exhibits have been set up by countries across the 438-hectare Dubai South site and conferences have been planned through to March 2021.

Mr Caires said the aim was to impact lives beyond the six-month fair.

The Expo Live programme is the first in the history of the World Fair to award grants to organisations and individuals focused on finding solutions to worldwide issues.

Innovators from across the world will speak to visitors about path-breaking work in sectors including education, empowering women and farmers’ rights.

At the Expo site, workers are racing to complete some structures, others are adding finishing touches to the interiors of pavilions.

Electrical, engineering, communications systems, fire and life safety tests are being carried out to ensure structures are safe for the thousands expected to visit daily when doors open on October 1.

Planners are also fine-tuning the programming that will be on offer.

Source: thenationalnews.com

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